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Muay Thai is the most efficient approach of self defense developed and used by Thai warriors in the battlefield conflicts throughout the history of Thailand. Over time, a warfare manual called “Chupasart” was created.

Muay Thai has been a part of Thai history and ancestry for centuries just like most traditional practices from ancient times. There exist numerous different styles of the past of Muay Thai yet all sources agree that Muay Thai (Boran) was the key and most efficient approach of self defense used by Thai warriors. This hands-on martial art uses each physical body part. The underlying philosophy of this Chupasart manual signified that battling is greater than using weapons yet significantly to engage complete dedication from mind, heart and soul.

The initial well-known practice of Muay Thai as a “sporting activity,” off and away from the heat and mayhem of the combat zone, took place throughout the regime of King Prachao Sua (1697-1709 A.D.). With the passion for the sporting activity, he typically fought incognito in community competitions, beating the neighborhood champs. When the country moved to tranquility, to continue his army’s readiness, he ordered them to train in Muay Thai and loosely arranged competitions started growing up and around the nation.

Nai Khanom Dtom

The legend Nai Khanom Tom, a.k.a. the “Father of Muay Thai"

The Armed Forces of Thailand cultivated Muay Thai. Soldiers have trained and used the strategies for as long as there has been an army in Thailand. For the army, it has always been the close combat fighting skills, the martial art of the battlefield. When a Thai soldier battles hand to hand, he uses Muay Thai. For the general population, people grow up watching it, discovering it, and replicating it as a part of Thai childhood. Muay Thai soon ended up being the favorite hobby sport with training schools being developed all over the nation and eventually across the globe.

It was in the early 1930s that Muay Thai was officially systemized with policies and rules being made and introduced into the sporting world. This systemization made Muay Thai an international sport. Round-based competitions were presented in addition to 8 divisions based on global boxing categories.

Eventually, Queensbury guidelines boxing gloves replaced the cords binding on the hands. Traditionally, the old Muay Thai art includes head techniques which is excluded from the modern Muay Thai fighting art of today.

With an honored past, Muay Thai is recognized in many nations worldwide because of Muay Thai benefits. Recently Muay Thai, with both amateur and professional ranks, has continued to grow in popularity as a premier combat sport, coming together into a recognized system of combat, self defense, and fitness.






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