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Today, people are drawn more to professional Muay Thai instructors that are “accredited” by a recognized authority. Being licensed as a trainer provides your customers with a certain degree of confidence that you understand what you are doing.

While obtaining a qualification would certainly mean you are qualified to educate, the truth is that even if you are accredited, in Muay Thai you have to have the life experience in sparring, competition fighting, teaching and mentoring for many years to have any credibility. As a coach, you have to have a proven track record of producing great fighters.

Take tennis for instance. If you were trying to find the very best tennis coach available, would you want to see if they had an instructor certification? No, you would most likely check out the coach’s history. You would figure out where they found out to play tennis as well as exactly how they did as a gamer as well as which pupils they currently educate.

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One of the reasons that there are certifications in Muay Thai is as a result of the impact of certifications in karate and other traditional martial arts. Since karate and other traditional martial arts systems have ranking examinations, some who started taking on Muay Thai have continued to adhere to a similar hierarchical instructor structure.

At Dayton Muay Thai, Master Taningco and our instructors have both the real-world, hands-on background and knowledge of the art of Muay Thai. Master Taningco has been teaching and practicing the arts since 1976 here in Dayton, Ohio, and his students’ results are a testament to his ability to train and produce successful fighters and superior instructors. At Dayton Muay Thai, we cultivate the aspects that make a person a great instructor. We focus on SEVEN key points:

  1. The expertise of the Muay Thai Sport
  2. Coach devoted to your training
  3. Muay Thai Experience
  4. Passion for the art of Muay Thai
  5. Comprehending your capacity
  6. Patience in teaching
  7. Mentoring with the core values of martial arts.

We respect your commitment, dedication, and perseverance to learning Muay Thai. Here at Dayton Muay Thai, our instructors will encourage and motivate you to help you navigate your Muay Thai journey. Check out our Muay Thai Class Schedules Now.

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